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    aespa's debut single "Black Mamba" is Out!
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    aespa 에스파 'Black Mamba' MV ℗ SM Entertainment

    Published on 7 days ago


    1. Swiffers Tea

      52.6M Yes! But were slowing.

    2. Gael Sanchez

      In the aespa universe, kwangya is where their version æ (avatars) exist ... But why did NCT mention it in a song?👁👄👁 2:15

    3. Honey Biscuits

      Im addicted. Yes.

    4. Nor Hasanah

      Nunggu The Show sambil nonton MV dulu °∆°

    5. jndy

      Gagal deh dpt 53M dalam 1 minggu.. Sisa 8 menit

    6. Hello Salma

      Yuk selingin MVnya nct MY!

    7. Fajar Ibnu

      MV nya jangan lupa dilike myne biar pas 2M seminggu

    8. kami malffe

      Ahahahhaahha bitchen girls

    9. Exol SP

      MY's don't stop streamin!!!!! 60M come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    10. motion graphics

      Sm Vocals !!!

    11. 최예람

      에스엠.. 처음엔 반대했지만 지금보니 다들 실력좋고 좋은거같은데 컨셉이 별론거같은데.. 뭔가 구림

    12. Omar Campos

      RIP Kobe

    13. motion graphics

      More successful to come in the future

    14. kyungsoo 12

      48M lagi

    15. sujitha Kumar

      Let's be honest It's not your first time!!!!😏

    16. 6-1 Энэрэл.Л

      so amazing! new generation and new standart! all members have their avatars! and black mamba was an amazing debut! ayayayayay cant forget it! mv was wonderful! ningning's stage was colorful and as a beautiful butterfly from future

    17. Anugrah Frasetya

      Keren bet 👍

    18. HIRAYA

      i believe this group will rise fast. i staaaan!

    19. d.o bdm

      60 gaes yokk yokk. jangan lupa nonton wkwk

    20. Marion Sanders

      1:55 swear that was the dopest scene ever like Karina looked hella badass

    21. Ng. Koordam Moyon


    22. taj stonehouse de almeida

      stop copying blackpink

      1. Hello Salma

        Aespa is aespa Blackpink is blackpink!

      2. Azalea lili

        Stop being a toxic person!

      3. MY & Blink

        please, tell us where did they even copy.

    23. YORANGDANS - nim


    24. mnosh.7 Ren

      Keep str3m

    25. Parman Soleh Siregar

      Can we make it 100 M views in 10 days? Of course! Lest go ¿Podemos lograr 100 millones de visitas en 10 días? ¡Por supuesto! Vamonos Bisakah kita membuatnya 100 juta tampilan dalam 10 hari? Tentu saja! Ayoo!

    26. Alyssa Sayson

      Ang hirap naman ng choreo

    27. k

      It would be nice if they also tried curly hairstyles

    28. jake’s gf

      55M before 00.00 KST ?? ^______^

    29. Myæ Flover

      My favourite groups are -Fromis_9 -æspa -Mamamoo -Itzy -Treasure :D

    30. Roy 2

      Strm The Show in 20 mins Watch their performance only if you want to win (atleast not the competitor)

    31. Anastasia Tio

      55 M yuk semangattt

    32. Iwanie

      I still can't get over this song andddd NCT U's 90's Love got me more wigless

    33. Adelia Tijar ananda


    34. ᴅᴇᴇᴍʟᴀʏ

      Aespa fans,can you just pls stream nct song without sending emojis and links? Like WTF it's NCT's MV WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!!

      1. Azalea lili

        Gimana sih? Disini aja banyak yang nge spam🙄

      2. SiMi

        that's not us

      3. Roy 2

        Wdym, are they sp4mming smtg

    35. AD Brend

      One of the best debut

    36. Divine B.

      100M soon!! let's goo!!

    37. Jungriyeon Kim

      "I'm ejected" Me:Were you the impostor?

    38. YOurmilk_

      Don't forget to vote aespa in starplay at 16.00 pm . Give our girls first win let's go !

      1. MY & Blink

        6:05pm kst :)

    39. Oka Tamado


    40. Sougou Gaming

      Drop hay,bạn tóc vàng xinh ,vũ đạo đẹp

    41. Kirito Kirigaya

      beullaeg mamba

    42. Semaj

      Bias: Winter, Ningning Bias wrecker: Giselle, Karina

    43. dd aa

      Love you Aespa

    44. Dan Stegall


    45. Noverinda Noverinda

      SONE HERE SUPPORT AESPA! Semangat Myne!

    46. 380 Raynee Joyvita

      Guys prepare for live v0ting and strm The Show in SBS yutub. WE CAN HAVE FIRST WIN

      1. 380 Raynee Joyvita

        Live v0ting in Starplay

    47. Jhazzy

      I still don't know who and wich HELPPPP IM A NEW FAN

      1. MY & Blink

        welcome!^^ our fandom name is MY. here are the members! 0:14 - 0:25 : Karina ; Yoo Jimin, 00 liner 0:26 - 0:33 : NingNing ; Ning Yizhuo, 02 liner 0:37 - 0:43 : Winter ; Kim Minjeong, 01 liner 1:13 - 1:23 : Giselle ; Uchinaga Aeri, 00 liner

    48. Nurbanu Özen

      i am afraid this group will overtake Blackpink

      1. Stan Talents

        They didn't work hard for that. Plus, everyone will have their time to raise and fail

      2. World Muse

        Not yet blackpink have many achievement so ITS not that easy

    49. Benja Cardenas

      This song is addictive, it helps.

    50. ASeul mainvocalist

      disini ada lupis yang ngestr3am juga???

    51. soyaaa_ fan

      Hii I'm new My

      1. 380 Raynee Joyvita

        Helloo welcomeee

    52. zyxzjs king of China

      I see now JUST QUEENS

    53. Susan Peralta

      ningning is shining!!

    54. MY & Blink

      MYs, remember to collect 3 votes for the live voting later. we must lead the vote and get full points in order for aespa to win!

      1. MY & Blink

        @380 Raynee Joyvita broadcast is how many times did black mamba play on sbs mtv. doesn’t matter with any live stages or anything..i think they’ll get a high broadcast because they just debuted and korea has been talking about them, so that’s great!

      2. 380 Raynee Joyvita

        And strm broadcast!

      3. 380 Raynee Joyvita



      im SMYG STAN since 2nd the newbie please dont compare both of them..I LOVE BOTH OKAY

      1. soyaaa_ fan

        Yeah I don't compare them I'm both blinks and My

    56. Baby girl

      فاشلين يبغون يقلدون بلاكوينز

      1. A blue Cloud

        اعطيني دليل الاغنية تجنن وايش دخل بلاك بينك


      dont forget to vote aespa at starplay there will be online voting to get aespa first win

    58. Myæ Flover

      Stream pls

    59. Fajar Ibnu

      55M soon~~ pantang mundur klo belum nyampe angka 100M

    60. Dianty • 9-4

      aespa best girls!

    61. Berlin Wijaya

      0:44, I really like it when Giselle mentions the word "black mamba" this is my favorite part in this mv black mamba T_T

    62. we got that boom

      aespa dont have to follow any trend, they are literally the trendsetters

    63. syeraa aa

      Giselle is so pretty thooo

    64. rn ,

      WINTER...beautiful. OMG😨

    65. Fans Kpop


    66. only jess

      i wanna hear their live voices so lets work hard to give them win

    67. Yummy Mummy

      I'm calling them Blackpink (SM Ver.)

      1. CsyKyu Eka

        Please respect group aespa

      2. Stan Talents

        No thanks

      3. A blue Cloud

        @greyveluv كلامك صحيح لاكن لا احد يفهم

      4. greyveluv

        Not every 4 member group is called Blackpink. Imagine being a stereotypical dummy like you

      5. YOurmilk_

        Plz go away .

    68. Fans Kpop


    69. Lee Hen Drick About

      SM wants to remove BlackPink from the kpop queen throne if investing well in aespa will succeed, the group has already started breaking everything, someone warns on mnet that they have the best debut of the year

      1. Stan Talents

        This is just another delusional comment i've ever read

      2. YOurmilk_

        Stfu . Aespa is aespa . And Blackpink is Blackpink .

      3. momo jjang

        Who said that? Lmao stop being delusional sm doesnt want to remove bp from kpop "QuEeen"

    70. Fans Kpop

      Let's 53M!

    71. æ- magnum

      Keep voting!

    72. black mamba

      Aespa first win plsssss

    73. blaire bear

      100 million in a month?

    74. blaire bear

      It's still on trends even after a week


      Wow!!!! Genial cancion, espero que la SM las maneje bien

    76. aot s4 is coming


    77. aot s4 is coming

      GO GO TO

    78. Gael Sanchez

      Someone else is awake waiting to vote on "The Show" ._.xD?

    79. Jay Mark Gutlay

      Now, we need awards! New gen queens

    80. Afifah A3 CEK CHANNEL KU YUU :V

    81. teumxetiia

      I like strong chic girl song, include this one

    82. and._. sprite

      I stan them after this music video

    83. Melodies_Memory of exy

      53M today yesh

    84. heyy im girl

      KEEP STR3AM!

    85. josua dave daligdig

      Ningning means "Shine" in Filipino

    86. Muhammad Regga

      Blackpinkkk number oneeeee

      1. CsyKyu Eka

        Please respect group

      2. MY & Blink

        wrong channel lube

      3. YOurmilk_

        Ok . But don't coment in this channel . This is aespa not blackpink

    87. Delvi Meidya Syaputri

      Gisel main rap best

    88. Serlin Singnarpi

      There choreograph was all copy

      1. Stan Talents

        @Serlin Singnarpi opinion and accusation are two different things

      2. MY & Blink

        @Serlin Singnarpi thats why haters don’t even have a brain alright lube

      3. YOurmilk_

        @Serlin Singnarpi that's not opinion dumb . I know you try to Drop this group

      4. Serlin Singnarpi

        @MY & Blink lol

      5. MY & Blink

        @Serlin Singnarpi okay your opinion please state where did they copy.

    89. Delvi Meidya Syaputri

      Winterrr visuallllll fix

    90. Delvi Meidya Syaputri


    91. Delvi Meidya Syaputri

      Winterrrrrrrrr visualllllllll

    92. Jomkwan S.

      go go for 53m views in 7 days

    93. nurhenny safika


    94. Yosi Aurora Masaid

      Wow aespa is amazing New girlgrup😍😍😍

    95. Zafrin Esha

      At this rate they’ll hit a 100 in a month.

    96. 조미란

      뮤비 두번째 보다 안 사실인데 페르소나 5라는 플스 게임도 베꼈네요..... 와......

    97. Princess Aleeya

      MYs, we are about to reach 400 k comments soon!! We have reached 52 M yess!!

    98. Fifa chifa 27


    99. Albana Berisha

      3:18 maybe this is the 5th member

    100. Armytinyctzenstay CaratMonobebeOnceExolMulti

      Let’s just face is SM’s camera quality is better and their debut songs are getting way better this song suits there voices so much they are so talented